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The American Philatelist
The American Philatelist, distributed by the American Philatelic Society, is one of the world's most established philatelic magazines still in activity; its first issue having showed up in January 1887. The magazine is distributed month to month for individuals from the APS. It resembles a standard lustrous shading magazine, regularly running around 100 pages for each issue. As the house organ, there are month to month divisions covering APS news and exercises, a president's segment, etc. The center of the magazine comprises of 5-10 articles on subjects identified with philately, going from profoundly specialized subjects, for example, "Accra overprints on Gold Coast stamps", to the anecdotal stamps and envelopes that have been utilized as film props. Other customary divisions incorporate "The Glassine Surfer", a segment exploring on the web assets for authorities, book surveys, and U.S. new issues. The magazine takes both presentation publicizing and characterized promoting.

Australian Stamps Professional
Australian Stamps Professional Magazine was started 10 years ago in 2008 by John Leah when he saw a need in the marketplace for a ‘high end’ philatelic magazine but also one that had a broader appeal. “ASP” with it’s blend of philately and history has proven a winning combination covering the historical events behind the stamps. Readership quickly grew and the dealers followed, excited by such an exciting new philatelic magazine and a way for them to reach potential customers. With reasonably priced advertising it has just kept growing. They are now the leading philatelic magazine in the Southern Hemisphere with a growing readership worldwide.
Australian Stamps Professional Magazine has a unique blend of specialist writers covering KGV by Dr. Scott Starling, Kangaroo and Map by Peter van Meurs, Wreck and Interrupted Mail by Brian Peace FRPSL and many more, as well as technical aspects of collecting such as varieties and flaws, making this a ‘must read’ philatelic magazine for collectors and dealers alike.

The Collectors Club Philatelist
The Collectors Club Philatelist, published bi-monthly since 1922, is one of the most scholarly publications in all of philately. The CCP attracts authors from all over the world and continues to motivate and inform readers on a wide variety of philatelic subjects and events worldwide.
The Collectors Club members are now able to browse, search and download 'The Collectors Club Philatelist' magazine. All issues from 1922 through 2018 are available.
They welcome original articles that provide a source of significant information as well as commentary. To maintain a degree of consistency in a journal such as theirs, the Editorial Board has prepared an Authors’ Guide and trust it will prove helpful. For more information or to submit an article for publication, you may contact The Collectors Club Philatelist Editor.

Gibbons Stamp Monthly
Gibbons Stamp Monthly is a magazine that lists new issues and publishes articles of interest to philatelists. Gibbons have published a number of journals over the years but only settled on Gibbons Stamp Monthly as their core magazine in 1927.
In 1890 Charles James Phillips bought the business of Stanley Gibbons. Phillips was already producing and editing a philatelic journal called The Stamp Advertiser and Auction Record but that was soon replaced with the new Gibbons Monthly Journal.
In 1905 a new magazine was introduced, Gibbons Stamp Weekly, and in June 1908 the Journal was discontinued. However, producing a quality weekly magazine was too much, and in December 1910 the Weekly ceased and Gibbons Monthly Journal returned from January 1911 until it ceased with the outbreak of war in 1914.
Stanley Gibbons did not produce a journal during the First World War, but in September 1919 Stanley Gibbons Monthly Circular was introduced, which lasted for 49 issues. In October 1923 Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal returned once again. The new Journal lasted until September 1927 when it was replaced by Gibbons Stamp Monthly from October 1927.
The first all-colour cover was introduced in September 1963, and in 1967 an American sister journal was introduced named the Gibbons-Whitman Stamp Monthly but this ceased in 1969.
In June 1970 the word Gibbons was dropped from the title so that it became just Stamp Monthly but the old name was reinstated in June 1977. Apart from minor changes the magazine has continued in the same format since then.

Linn's Stamp News
Linn's Stamp News is an American weekly magazine for stamp collectors. It is published by Amos Media Co.
The front page of the publication features news from the stamp world, including significant new stamp issues around the world, major auctions of rare items, significant new discoveries, philatelic controversies, and notable events, such as eBay's ending two programs that regularly examined stamp and coin listings for the purpose of deterring fraudulent sales.
Each issue has additional news stories inside along with a wide variety of features and columns like -
"U.S. Stamp News" by John Hotchner,
"Editor's Insights" by Charles Snee,
"Washington Postal Scene" by veteran reporter Bill McAllister,
"Kitchen Table Philately" by two pseudonymous mixture reviewers, "E. Rawolik VI" and "E Rawolik VII".
"Collector's Forum" is about unusual stamps or usages reported by collectors. When the Linn's staff can answer the inquiry, they provide details. In other cases, the answer is provided by readers in a subsequent "Forum Update."
"Stamp Market Tips" gives readers tips on stamps that the columnists consider to be of good value.
The "Stamp Events Calendar" and "Auction Calendar" indicate forthcoming events.

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