US 1969 100th Anniversary of Professional Baseball 6c. Scott. 1381

US 1969 100th Anniversary of Professional Baseball 6c. Scott. 1381

Series: 100th Anniversary of Professional Baseball Issue

Stamp details: Professional Baseball 1869-1969

Issued date: 24-09-1969 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Face value: 6c.

Emission: Commemorative
Watermark: No Watermark

Catalogue No:-
Scott (USA): 1381
Stanley Gibbons (UK): 1369
Michel (Germany): 992
Yvert et Tellier (France): 883

Dimensions (height x width):
25mm x 40mm

Printer: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Print Method: Giori Press

Stamp Colors: Yellow, red, black and green
Perforation: Perf 11 x 11

Themes: Baseball, Sports

Total print: 130,925,000 (estimate)

Description:- Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each, taking turns batting and fielding. The game is live when the umpire signals to the pitcher either verbally or by pointing, indicating that the ball is now in play. A player on the fielding team, called the pitcher, throws a ball that a player on the batting team tries to hit with a bat. The objective of the offensive team (batting team) is to hit the ball into the field of play, away from the other team's players, allowing its players to run the bases, having them advance counter-clockwise around four bases to score what are called "runs". The objective of the defensive team (referred to as the fielding team) is to prevent batters from becoming runners, and to prevent runners' advance around the bases. A run is scored when a runner legally advances around the bases in order and touches home plate (the place where the player started as a batter).